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December 15, 2013


17 (who?)
The number of my watchers is over 100 now. So I just want to tell you how much it mens to me. You, all people who like my work, makes that I belive in myself. One year ago when I started show my photos I didn't excepted that many people will like my work. thank you all! You make That I want to develop my skills.

Also I see your works and I see they are wonderfull! I'm very pride that AMAZING people ever give attention to my photos. 

I don't know how can I thanks you, so I did this. This is for you:
Yellow Skull by MarcyKiika Sleeping inside the VPS (Colored) by JIMENOPOLIX Its cold by Jalkoom  Laughing Julie by CreepyQueen American Dragon: Jake Long by Edo-Wonka Foto 166 by hrbrunosilva Wenry by KMO27 A Life in Balance by adiehltwin Gratitude by adiehltwin My loveliest girls by LittleButterfly86 Enjoying the sunlight by Merleee Commission Portrait by PaintIngMANiAC
sezanowo by chichotek The Light To My Heart by KThompson424 Merida by jbrenthill Spirit Of The New Moon Scene - Flames of Hatred 2 by AnimeEmm I Want My Freedom by NeepTheSheep I'm Never Going Back by NeepTheSheep
Heart Exploding by annieheart12 Best Friend by KleioAmon A Distant Night by apokaliptikosolstiz The portal by bertc sailor pink by luigigirl678 Zero by Sketchinsmid 
2254 by AngelinoDali Crazy Design by Secretadmires  brittle water by nikopul  enchanted by nikopul

Blue Apple Among Apples by JIMENOPOLIX Josh Hutcherson by lovevampireboys Path through the woods by RoqqR A bottle of heart by DianaVVolf <da:thumb id="394896688"/> <da:thumb id="372588627"/> 
pisica II by Lk-Photography Flow by ericariane Worlds in worlds by Finnyanne Magical fontaine by Finnyanne Poland by djdeejayf 27.10.13 (3) by Bliznaka 
autumn day by imaginaryfriend6 no digas nada by abravia1 ice cream/ice tea. by abravia1 Wild flower and bee by sivandogan1212  Now You Can See Me by cheekz-jess The pink night by Alexa68 Pumpkins by sivandogan1212 Starve Rock, waterfall by LastZoneTrooper Evening Glow by Ionday Hope by lifecirclerc Love You by kirsche500 EmphasisP_Solitude by ASEmphasisP  EmphasisP_Spider01 by ASEmphasisP Friendship by TutorVeritatis Wishing by KThompson424 Sleeping Petals by whispersoftheblue Lotus termalis by Licuriciu90  708 by Nigrita 707 by Nigrita It's Been A Butterfly Day by justanewb42 lights over Vistula by magick2 bracelet by smutyo My Lovely Clock by HerNameIsDren Darker days ahead by Jaromir-Slavoja Fotoraf1968 by hasan692 Out of the fog. by talesteacupsncollies Butterfly - 05 by NikkiNightOwl Autumn Lake by NikkiNightOwl <da:thumb id="384066988"/> These Little Wonders by SteamPixy The Golden Lake by soheib You can't see me by Mary-Chan23 Wall of water by lpac94 Desert II by murgymurge color03 by tommyhat78 Chalet by artek8986 Path to Eventual v2.0 by reznor666

Stephanie by TotallyMad Mirror Fountain_Evening by Delta406  Waiting by Iliketobeweird Lost Horizons by Warriors-3 Once Upon a Time x3 by ValentinaKucelj Shayna by Argentum-Ferox smile by cloudlett rails by piercethesirens <da:thumb id="415882997"/> Would you lie with me and just forget the world? by chichotek Waiting. by sophiamondria smoking ID by magick2 
Waiting For Your Lips by izzec28 Sun Dance by JaretvonJekyll Draped by qb-photographer Fullness by OlMountainWoman  Want by OlMountainWoman 

Illumination by DianaVVolf  Ibanez GSR 206 2 by SilentWolfer fear of the dark by Lk-Photography The Curve by TheFaintPen Water Drops 2 by ericariane passing every path of life by ValentinaKucelj 
Exit by Poljak01 Darsena by GianPaoloGalasi Riding her Bike by GianPaoloGalasi there is a mug by team-free-wholock Light at the end of the tunnel by Amethyst-Ringlet giant wheel by piercethesirens 
Loneliness by JaredShaw Chapel by xnih1lo lost in thought by Alexa68 Our Moon by whispersoftheblue SpiritButterflyGoth by SpiritButterflyGoth Round and Round She Goes by Lanins
661 by Nigrita please... by farzaam AGE by shantiart  souvenirs by HeretyczkaA <da:thumb id="361075782"/> my passion is black and white pictures in winter.. by Harmer-photography
Pixie Dust by talesteacupsncollies TRUMPET LESSON by planetzog <da:thumb id="402311372"/> Loose ends by Terios117 Musician by artek8986 

And please don't write me "thank you" in comment, becase now I thank you.

:heart: :heart: Thank you!!! :heart: :heart:
:tighthug: Dziękuję!!! :tighthug:

If I've forgot about somebody I'm so sorry, It's not  specially. Please write me about this in comment

Also I think about make some featured about all of you, because I see lot of works worth to show. What do you think?
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ericariane Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh my goodness! I haven't been on deviantArt in months, so, sorry for late reply. but thank you so much for featuring my photo! it means a lot :D
KleioAmon Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Sorry for the late message but thank you so much
HeretyczkaA Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
<font><font>Tank you :D</font></font>
RoqqR Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I guess, I'm late, but thanks! =P
Terios117 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Sorry for the late message but thank you so much! Dziekuje bardziej i bardziej!!! :D
Iliketobeweird Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
dziekuje Pani bardzo :D
SomethingNotMatter Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Napisałam, żeby mi nie dziękować, a i tak wszyscy mi dziękują :(
Iliketobeweird Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
bo jest za co! :aww:
SomethingNotMatter Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Nie, to ja Wam dziękuję :)
Warriors-3 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the feature! You're amazing!
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